I, Readymade

I, Readymade is a series of ‘self-portraits’ that employ found, everyday objects – oftentimes in their unaltered form – to construct ‘sculptures’ that are representations of the self as perceived in various settings and points of time. These objects are, in many ways, site specific in that they were gathered from the very place and the very time that I choose to represent the self in. Although not in the conventional understanding, the works are self-portraits made from everyday objects – objects of daily life; objects that have a universal identity; objects that also share a personal history. The objects we use go on, to a certain extent, to define us; we leave a part of ourselves in the objects that we interact with on a daily basis. Objects then become ancillary components of our memories, they become catalysts of nostalgia, reminiscence and remembrance. ‘Gravity’ is oftentimes included as a medium in my works as they rely greatly on balance in their construction. The fragility that the element of balance brings to the works allows them to embody a certain temporarily, reiterating the impermanence of the fleeting perceptions of the self at different points in time and in different environmental settings.